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Tennessee Treasures in a Gift Basket to Build a Home For LV

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Welcome to Stay Down On The Farm

The Home, It is finished!!

Thank You Everyone. All the volunteers, thank you, all the fund raisers, thank you. All the donors of materials and time, THANK YOU ALL!!!

We first meet L.V in 2008. Jonathon stopped to meet and get acquainted. Jonathon had me go with him a few days later and we found he was living in an 8X12 storage shed, just enough room for a bed and a kerosene heater. We introduced the situation to a Pastor friend and that has made a huge difference because of Him and men at the White House Hope Food Bank. They helped L.V. immediately with a larger building 10X12, Gas for heating. 2011 they helped with getting a temporary service so he could have electricity. They have helped with extra work and many, many other things he could not get done alone. There have been so many interested, asking and praying to see him have a home. My part (a basket) came early last November. I had things in place to build another home on our property yet every time I wanted to get started I would seem to stop. It just did not seem right to build another home when L.V. was living as he does. I had also wanted to start a gift basket of Tennessee products to offer on the farm. No one would help (Beth) and seemed to think it was just another job and "project". After having a "discussion" what seemed like the last time it would be discussed (been talking about this gift basket for about 3 years), I left the house and headed to work. Upon reaching work and sitting down I made this statement in disgust, "Lord, why can't we get this silly little basket started for the farm and why can't I call Tony and get another house going". Within one minute the entire basket and it's purpose was laid out. It could not have been any different if someone were behind me talking.
"You are going to build that basket but it is going to build L.V. a house, you already have the first product and others similar will follow, there will be little Tennessee treasures, it will sell for under $50 and $20 will be the profit, you will raise $20,000, it will not only help L.V. but it will help others as well, the basket will not end with him but open other doors and when that is finished you can be on your way". There was a little more but that is the main parts. That is that still small voice that will speak to us. In this case and most of the time that voice is not about us but testing our obedience and help to others.

There is so much to the story of finding the items (treasures), other ministries and their products, besides the ministry of the "Blue Monarch Granola", (Google that), Falls Mill in Belvedere Tn (should be a national treasure), the card getting printed and how the first (first) person to receive the L.V. card took the story to the Bargain Browser which ran the story, which in turn was read by many but also by an organization called New Hope Construction, (google that), Russell Meade - President, CEO and Founder. So now this is where we begin letting you know where your money is going and the progress will be reported on as things happen.

New Hope Construction called our number and got in touch with Jonathon, wanted more information which he supplied. About a week later called and wanted to set up a meeting. That meeting was held on January 25th, 2012 at L.V's place. Last week on Thursday, February 2nd I received a call from The President of New Hope Construction. That call is the hope of L.V.'s friends and all who have helped so far. They, New Hope Construction (NHC) will be building L.V. a home. Money is yet to be raised, and I will continue with my effort, but they have so many resources to make this happen more quickly than we could have imagined. We had a 15-20 minute conversation and one very important statement was made that should help guide any and all in your giving and help. Mr. Meade told me this. "Mr Wilkinson, I don't say or take this lightly but with what has happened just since we have started getting involved I will tell you this, God's hand is all over this, L.V. will have a home and that basket has opened up something". The finish of that conversation was that on or about February 8th, I will provide money for permits to begin the project. We have it. From there money must be raised, please help. $20 donation. Anyone and everyone can do that. If you had to live as L.V. for one night you would give much more just so you would not have to spend one night. NHC has indicated they can have L.V. in a home by April with your help. On our first meeting with NHC, Mr. Meade ask LV if there was anything about a home he would like, LV asked "could I have a closet". Now do you want to help?

Please Donate. 1,000 people donating $20 or more and a home is build (along with many donations of time and material). Just $20.

1. January 3rd, 2012 first deposit.

2. February 6th $3,100 in the bank so far $16,900 more to go

3. February 9th $1,500 for fees, permits and gravel. Still at $3100 collected so far. Mr. Meade is thrilled to be part of this effort. Told me "This man (LV) and his situation is exactly why I started this organization in 1996". My hope is more of you will be thrilled to be part of ending this horrible situation. $20, Donate now! Help us End 7 years of LV living in a shed.

4. As of February 16th $3,360 collected so far $16,380 more to go.

5. WHUD donating a water tap.

6. February 15, 2012. L.V. signed, others witnessed, with NHC to build L.V. a home, construction to start immediately. Mr Meade found a wood store for L.V's home. Bought it himself. $900 stove found it for $200.

7. February 24th, $15,800 more to go. Thanks Hope center Ladies and Heritage School Beta kids for your donation today.

8. March 5th. Permits are all in. Silt fence to go up Friday March 9th. Digging of foundation to follow soon after. Wonderful donation from Howards Chapel Church and several baskets sold and other donations. Raised so far $5509.09, $14490.91 to go. Now you know $5509.09 is not enough to build a home but it is a start and it will start thanks to the many generous free things that have already been done. Let me help you Body, James 2:14-18.

9. March 16th. Rain, Rain, Rain. Silt fence up yesterday right in another rain storm. Collected $7037 as of today. $12963 to go. Hollywood Grill did a little over $2000 in business last Sunday and will be getting a check from Jack tomorrow.

10. March 27th. Waiting on the foundation to be dug. Saw the backhoe there this evening but rain is expected. Last Thursday March 22nd LV's story came out in the Portland Leader, done by Mrs Bonnie Fussell, on Friday 23rd Channel 5 News called and came out to do their own story. Spent about 3-4 hours interviewing and filming. Adam Ghassemi reporter told us he would be following up on the story until LV was moved in. Story should air the first week in April. As of today $9420.09 of the $20,000 I was told to raise. Long way to go but not as far as it was a while ago. Praise be to God and all those that have helped so far. Received a single donation from an individual of $1000 Sunday. So many understand "Give and it will be given to you, pressed down.......". It works, it is a spiritual law. You cannot out give God. "He IS a rewarder of those that seek Him" in all areas of your life. Concrete for the foundation has been promised/donated by Garrott Brothers of Gallatin. When the foundation is done the home will sprout like these spring flowers. So if there something you want to do or donate please contact us.

11. April 3rd, 2012. Channel 5 News story came out yesterday. Here is the link: http://www.newschannel5.com/story/17315859/lvs-new-home A little over $1,500.00 came in to the PayPal account we have set up. All from surrounding area's via donations, still got a long ways to go. Block laying started yesterday April 2nd, 2012, hope to be done by today April 3rd. Next the floor system and wall to be delivered. I am still $8,880 from my goal of $20,000 and New Hope Construction is going to need both financial and volunteer help. Another donation today $8,380 to go. Another donation as I write and now $7900.00 to go. Any funds collected more than needed will go to a fund that will help pay property taxes, insurance etc. Whatever help he needs down the road. Was also told all electrical will be donated.

12. April 4th and 6th 2012. Foundation complete. Some materials for the floor system delivered. Water line from the road to the house today. A few more donations and I think it is at $7800 more needed (390 more people with a $20 bill). Several more work and material donations called in today. Tuesday April 10th the floor system is to be done and possibly walls the next day.

12. April 11th, as of today $5,700 more to go. As you can see the walls are up, roof going on, decking tomorrow April 12th, 2012.

13. April 17th, 2012. Well some major donations out of Nashville, Dickson and Cherry Springs, thank you one and all. Of the $20,000 I was to raise just a little more to go ($1700). From there I will be helping New Hope to come out in the black (not done yet). Best we can determine another 3 to 4 thousand and LV is in, all materials paid for, Russell Meade and New Hope Construction will not be in the red and a big thanks for all the material donation by companies, that is a tremendous help. Today Klinard Construction is putting shingles on so IN THE DRY TODAY.

14. April 19, 2012. Porches on, roofed and ready for some electrical. No new donations. $1700.

15. May 2nd, 2012. The $20,000 has been raised! Hallajulia. Thank you one and all.
Now for the progress. The person that promised to do the siding bailed, told me we should sell some of LV's land to help pay for the house and when I told him we were not into selling his land we were into building a home on the land LV has and getting him out of that box, the man told me "in that case I will not be interested in helping". Missed his opportunity to be blessed. We had 2 other offers to do siding but we had told them we did not need because it was promised so we were left having to order siding and myself and Pastor Ron are paying for it to be installed. The sheet rock is also up, windows in, the brick for the stove Mr. Meade bought is up (Mr. Meade laid every brick that LV cleaned from the house that burned. Got some old in the new. Please continue to donate if you feel lead to do so. We still need a little more.

15. May 17nd, 2012. Siding finished up last week. Painted over the weekend(nice/pretty). Floors down Monday, cabinets in, and boy what a closet space, trim going down. Now just need the electrical and plumbing finished (in just a few days), gutters and landscape to keep the rain away from the house. Cleanup, pack up and move out of that box!!!!

16. LV will be moving in Wednesday 6/13/12.

Please Donate. Just $20 (or more) from people than want to make a difference